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Relationships on a Diet | Self Help

I'm so excited you're here. Welcome to my space. I believe that everyone needs that unbiased friend who is going to tell them the truth.

- Jennifer Dior



Thoughts. Experiences. Inspiration.

In the vibrant military community of Fort Benning, Georgia, amidst the sounds of daily bugle calls and the soft rustle of the Chattahoochee River's nearby flow, an exuberant spirit was born. This spirit, full of animation and adventure, belonged to a girl who defied expectations from the start; a gregarious, active tomboy whose laughter was as contagious as the Southern sweet breeze.

She was raised in a place where challenges bred resilience and community was forged in fellowship. Her days were filled with the exhilarating rhythms of gymnastics, her body bending and leaping in a dance with gravity, while soccer fields became her chessboard, as she strategized every play with swift precision.

Her home resonated with music; her fingers dancing on piano keys, coaxing soft melodies from the flute, and boldly declaring her presence with trumpet fanfares. Each instrument taught her to listen, to adapt, and to express herself in fluent harmony.

But beyond the physical and musical conquests, there was another, quieter fascination brewing within her—a deep curiosity about the intricate ballet of human connection. From the tenderness of her very first Valentine's Day memory, she became enthralled with the nuances of the human condition: love, interaction, the bonds woven between souls.

As she grew, so did her awareness that these emotional threads were as complex as any symphony she played or any game she ran on the field. Her blog, "Relationships on a Diet," emerged not just as a testament to her journey but as a beacon for others navigating their paths through life's heartaches and joys.

"Relationships on a Diet" is more than a blog; it's a repository of insights, a compendium of love's wisdom and follies, gathered like pearls from the depths of her experiences. She does not just recount tales; she unravels the many layers of relational dynamics, offers a diet of thought to nourish understanding, and presents a type of sustenance that aims to bring health to the heart and peace to the mind.

Born in a community where unity and strength were pillars, she moved beyond the gates of Fort Benning to serve not her country, but humanity's quest for meaning in love and relation. She's no longer just the child beneath Georgia's pines; she's a guide, a friend, a confidante to every weary or exhilarated traveler on the road of life.

The gregarious, active, tomboyish girl, silly as can be, has channeled her powerful, life-embracing energy into helping others find balance and joy on this tumultuous yet beautiful journey of human experience. Her origin is her foundation, her life's passions the walls, and her desire to aid others the roof of a vast, welcoming haven she has built within "Relationships on a Diet," standing resilient and welcoming in the vast landscape of the Internet.

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